Surgical Services

Soft-tissue Surgery

The highly-skilled veterinarians at Boxford Animal Hospital are ready to perform most minor and major surgical procedures for your pet, from common spay/neuter procedures to more complicated emergency and soft-tissue surgeries. Prior to each procedure, every patient receives a thorough physical examination and laboratory tests, to determine whether there are any conditions that may endanger your pet's health. All of our patients under anesthesia are monitored with an ekg, carbon dioxide monitor, a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure machine. Pain management also is an important part of pre-, intra- and post-operative medical protocols. Please contact one of our veterinarians if you have questions about surgical procedures offered at the hospital.

Orthopedic Surgery

We are fully equipped to perform most common orthopedic procedures including fracture repairs and joint surgeries. We also offer in-hospital referral with Dr. Cathy Reese, a board-certified veterinary surgeon. Common surgeries performed by Dr. Reese include fracture repair, TPLO (to correct torn cruxiate ligaments), and patella luxation correction.

Exotic Animal Medicine

Though exotic pets make up a small percentage of the animals we see at Boxford Animal Hospital, we are fully equipped to treat pocket pets and other animals. We offer diagnostic, dentistry and surgical services for exotic pets, as well as husbandry information.

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